Our Club


Bluefins' squads are organised by ability levels. Information on each squad can be found below:


The Pups squad is the club's junior squad. The swimmers in this squad will normally join the club once they finish swimming lessons.

The aim of the squad is to introduce swimmers to the techniques and disciplines of competitive swimming. They will also be introduced to racing starts and turns.

Once they are ready, they will be encouraged to compete in local competitions in order to build their confidence in racing.


In the Seals squad the number of swimming sessions will increase, swimming longer distances with short rest periods between 'sets'. The aim is to eventually move you into the Sharks squad.


The Sharks squad is the senior squad in the club, where swimmers are trained to their full potential.

The swimmers in this group regularly compete at District and National events, achieving final positions and medals.

The emphasis is on developing the swimmers to achieve these aims through challenging sessions, while continuing to perfect techniques learned in earlier groups.


Our club is for members under 18 years old. For swimmers 18 years+, who wish to continue to progress their swimming, we recommend Moray Masters who compete at local and National competitions, with many members also participating in open water swimming. For more information please contact info@moraymasters.co.uk

The time spent in each squad varies for each swimmer.


Our committee is run by a team of volunteers who support the club across various roles. For enquiries please use the relevant contact details below.

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