Information about galas

The Club's principal aim is to train and prepare our young swimmers for competitive swimming.

Swimmers are encouraged to compete once they feel ready.

Important information

The Match Secretary notifies members of upcoming galas via email. Gala information is also updated on the Upcoming Galas section.
Before entering your child in a gala, please check the Eligibility Notice first to make sure they are eligible to enter. The Eligibility Notice for each swim meet is listed next to the meet information on the Upcoming galas section.
Check if a Bluefins' coach is going to be present at the gala to supervise/instruct your child. There are some smaller galas where a coach may not be present and the parent will be responsible for ensuring their child knows what to do. The Match Secretary usually notifies members if there will be no coach, but it is ultimately the parent's responsibility to find out this information. So please check with your child's Squad Coach.
Entries will not be accepted after the closing date.
The Match Secretary will only accept entries received via the Entry Form on the website.
If you are attending a gala and are able to do Timekeeping or Judging, please notify the STO Officer.

Gala fees

All gala fees must be paid by the gala closing date, or the entry will have to be abandoned.

The gala closing date is listed with the gala information on the upcoming galas page.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or online. Please see the Payments page for details on how to pay gala fees.


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