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Due to the reduced pool time we are able to facilitate in the current Covid-19 climate, the Committee has decided it will be reasonable and fair to reduce the monthly fees.

Please refer to the Monthly Membership Fees section below for the updated fee structure.

* Members: Please re-instate any online Standing Orders you have in place for payment of monthly club fees. *

Fees will commence on 11/10/2020, first payment due 11/11/2020.

Forres Bluefins S.C. is a non-profit organisation, run completely by volunteers.

All fees charged to members cover the running costs of the club, and any profits are invested back into the Club.

There are three different types of fees that require to be paid by club members:

  • This is the cost for each individual club swimmer for membership of the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA), which is the sport’s governing body.
  • The current SASA fee is set at £43 per swimmer.
  • SASA Membership is compulsory for all club members.
  • Fees are due each March.
  • People who join the club between March and August pay 100%
  • If you join between September and December you pay 50% (£21.50)
  • If you join in January or February you pay 25% (£10.75)

Competitions/Galas involve paying a fee for each race entered. The entry fees must be paid by the closing date of the gala.

Read more Gala information...

As from 11th October 2020, the following monthly fees apply:

Squad Squad fee
Pups and Pre-Pups £12
Seals £24
Sharks £36
Masters £18
  • If you have 2 swimmers in the club there is a £2 per month discount on the total fee.
  • If you have 3 swimmers in the club, the lowest fee will be reduced to £10 per month.
  • There is a discount available for those in further full-time education. Due to their timetables preventing them from attending all sessions, the discount offered is 50% of the monthly fee for that swimmer. This will allow them to swim at weekends during term time, and at all available sessions during the holiday periods. To receive this discount an application to the committee has to be submitted and ratified, once this is completed the discount can be applied.
  • The preferred payment method for monthly fees is by Standing Order through your bank.
  • For all payment details, please refer to our "Payments" page.